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Talent Assessments

Talent Assessments provide actionable insights on your team’s present so you can build a better future.

Engage Factors Talent Assessment Services are meant to develop Multi-Unit Leaders, Management, and Executives in positions such as: Supervisors and Assistant Managers, Store Managers, General Managers, District Managers, Regional Managers, Regional Vice Presidents, Divisional Vice Presidents, and more.

Talent Assessment Benefits & Insights

Identify Employee Developmental Needs

Like a green-thumbed gardener, the best companies grow their employees into new roles. With careful precision, they inspect each growth and cultivate the soil so it can blossom. Just like a gardener, you need to know where the employee needs support to develop into their next role.

Identify Future Talent Needs (Internal & External)

After forecasting your vacancies, you need to know who has the potential to fill those positions?  Drawing from within the organization is ideal, but it could prove disastrous if the wrong person is selected. Unfortunately, the wrong manager is selected 82% of the time. With proper assessments in place, you can identify the correct talent within your organization or identify that the right employee is outside the organization.

Elevate Leaders ability to identify "High-potential" Talent

There’s often a disconnect between what we perceive to be the traits and competencies needed for a role and what they actually are.  We help take that guess work out and pinpoint who has the right traits and competencies with a high-potential to succeed.

Engage & Retain High Performing Talent

Your team members want to be developed, advance, and to feel valued. Talent Assessments create a roadmap for their development for potential advancement while making them feel valued and is great for employee engagement and retention.

Talent Assessment Services

Knowledge Assessments

These online courses or workshops are built from training docs as part of our leadership development curriculum, but if you choose this as a stand-alone service we can create assessments from your existing training documentation.

Skill Assessments

360 Assessments - A 360 Assessment is a package of assessments designed to give you a wholistic view of each team member.  

  • Self-Assessment: The Employee assesses their skills.
  • Peer-Level Assessment - The employee’s peer’s gives input on how they view their teammate in a variety of skills.
  • Supervisor Assessment -  The employee’s supervisor(s) gives input on how they view their teammate in a variety of skills.

These assessments are great tools for providing ongoing Feedback,  Performance Reviews, Career Development Plans, or just gaining a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your employees!

Industrial-Organizational Instrumentation

Raven’s Progressive Matrices (RPM) - RPM assesses your talent’s abstract reasoning (i.e. ability to quickly identify patterns, rules, and trends in data and apply this knowledge towards solving problems.)

Thurstone’s Test of Mental Alertness (TMA) - TMA measures your talent’s ability to learn new skills, adjust to the situation, and make decisions under pressure.

Kolb’s Learning Styles Inventory (LSI)- LSI identifies the most effective method to train your Talent.

Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking (WGCT)- WGCT measures critical thinking ability and decision making.

And Others depending on your needs...

Simulated Environments

These assessments assess the individual in an environment that mirrors their work-environment, providing a high-reward solution with low-risk to on-the-job performance.  Simulation assessments are typically conducted in a Workshop or Assessment Center, but our Virtual Reality (VR) Package may be a better fit for specific positions.

Experiential Assessments

Experiential Assessments occur in-the-field and may or may not be done with a mentor or peer-level mentor.  This allows for the truest test of their knowledge and skills.

Post-Assessment Monitoring

Learning & Development isn’t linear, it’s continuous.  Initial training and learning development efforts should be followed up with supplementary training and coaching as necessary.  That’s why after Knowledge & Skill Development assessments and associated trainings are delivered, we set up systems to measure your employee’s skills and performance. This gives you the data needed to continually develop your team.

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