Talent Development

The first 90 days of employment are vital to a new hire's success.  Getting them performing and engaged quickly makes a dramatic difference in your turnover rate. We design custom talent development solutions to get your employees properly onboarded and oriented, develop their immediate job-skills, and prepare them for future roles and company needs.

Engage Factors Talent Development Solutions are ideal for Associates level employees, Supervisors, Management teams, Multi-Unit Leaders, Corporate Leaders, and Executives.

Onboarding and Orientation

Onboarding and Orientation solutions may cover Company Culture & History, Company Policies, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, General Safety, Food Safety, and more depending on your needs.

Job-Skills Training

Job-Skills Training solutions develop skills employees need in their current day-to-day tasks.  The exact solution is dependent on the skill and position level.

Continuous Learning and Development

The key to decreasing turnover (link to blog post), employee engagement (link to employee engagement), increasing performance, and retaining high-performing talent is continuous learning and development.  Here are some of the program topics we can address to help your organization:

Business Skills

  • Time Management

  • Selling Skills

  • Customer Service

  • Business Acumen

    • Profit and Loss Reports
    • Flash Sale Reports
    • Metrics/KPI's Training
    • And more...
  • Business Development

  • Local Store Marketing

  • And More...

Hiring Programs

  • Peer-Level Mentoring™

  • Revolutionary Leadership Programs

  • Basic Supervisory Skills

    • Communication
    • Delegation
  • Coaching Skills

    • For Development
      • 1-On-1 and Team Solutions
    • For Performance
      • 1-On-1 and Team Solutions
    • Conflict Resolution
  • And More...

Management Development Solutions

  • Management in Training Programs (MIT)

    • We design Management in Training Programs for Store, District, and Regional level managers and leaders.
  • Strategic Planning

    • Prioritize Resources
    • Develop Action Plans
  • Sales Management

    • Setting and Meeting Sales Goals
    • Motivating and Recognizing your team

Train the Trainer Solutions

  • Certified Training Stores

  • Certified Training Store Managers

Training Delivery

The above programs may utilize Online, Tablet, Mobile Courses, On-The-Job Coaching, Live Workshops, and Virtual Reality (VR).

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