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Team Building

Your team is everything.  Their day-to-day teamwork, collaboration, communications, and engagement dictates the success or failure of your organization. If you want a successful organization and team, team building must be a priority.

Team Building Goals

Align Your Team

Successful teams are aligned on the purpose of the organization, the strategy to meet that purpose, and how their day-to-day tasks contribute to the organization’s success.

Improve Team Communications

Arguably the most important component of any relationship is communication.  Teams who communicate and collaborate towards a goal are greater than the sum of their parts.

Launch New Leaders

Having a new boss is scary and first impressions are important. We make sure new leaders start of on the right foot with their team by building rapport, communication, collaboration and culture.

Develop Organizational Culture

Culture isn’t pizza parties, happy hour, or free coffee.  Culture is all about transparency, soliciting ideas and feedback, and building your team to be independent but collaborative and supportive of one another.

Unify Your Team

Just like any traveler, teams without direction will fail to reach a destination.  Unified on a common purpose and direction, your team will surpass expectations.  Our programs create unity.

Team Building Components

  • Learning Styles Inventory (LSI)

  • Team Building Activities

  • Group Communications and Discussions

  • Breakout Sessions with Team Debriefings

Ideal Team Building Situations

Unifying UP (Underperforming) Teams

An underperforming team is a sign that your team may not be working well together, or need additional training and development.

Cross-Functional Teams

“We can’t do this until (insert department name) gets _______ done.”  Have you heard this before?  Teams that depend on specific members or departments to complete their work often say this.  Instead of focusing on what they can’t do, we re-frame their mindset to focus on what they can do to either: complete another task, or put the other department in a position to deliver on time.  Many times, teams don’t understand the impact their work has on each other.  

Leadership Transitions

Newly hired or promoted leaders need all the help they can get. Without a proper transition, fragmented teams underperform.  During these programs, leaders open the line of communications and gain a better understanding of how to communicate, collaborate, support, and train their new team. Some common leadership transitions we assist with are: Single-Unit Leaders, Multi-Unit Leaders, Department Heads, and Executives.

Team Building Delivery

Our team building solutions can be delivered via a workshop, on-site at your location, or a retreat depending on your needs and preferences.

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